Single-Leg Side Plank Dips

Another great single-leg strength exercise. This one is very useful because it strengthens the core muscles as well as the muscles on the outside of the thigh.
To perform the single-leg side plank dip, start by going into a side plank position. Lay on one side, with hips square, and one leg on top of the other. Contract the core muscles and move the hips off the ground, forming a straight line from the feet to the shoulders. Slowly lift one leg off the ground, while at the same time pushing into the ground with the outside of the bottom foot. Holding this position, slowly lower the hips towards the floor (“dipping” them down) until they almost touch the floor. Slowly raise the hips to the starting position before repeating the movement for the next repetition.
This exercise can be done on the field, and may be more effective if done prior to the start of training because it helps to engage some of the core muscles that are involved in running, jumping and kicking. Perform 2 sets of 5-10 repetitions on each side.

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