Workout # 1 – No Better Time than Today!



Like many of you reading our blog, soccer was (and is) a big part of my life.  However, over the years, I’ve transitioned from competitive varsity / semi-pro athlete to a beer-league hopeful to a couch-potato fan.

Well, no more.  I’ve decided to take up what I’m calling the “Soccer Fitness Gols Challenge” and get back into shape so that I can once again enjoy the Beautiful Game as it was meant to be played, not watched!

Yesterday, I completed Workout # 1 of the Soccer Fitness Gols app’s strength program (semi-pro level).  The workout was a challenge, but now I have a good baseline of where I’m at and a plan to get where I want to be.

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be posting my progress here …

July 5, 2014:

– Squat hold:  120.8 seconds

– Front plank hold: 121.7 seconds

– Push-ups in 60 seconds:  40

– Crunches in 60 seconds:  60

I’d like to encourage all of you, regardless of what’s holding you back, to take up the Challenge and get started with your own fitness “gols” today as well!  Please send us your comments about your own fitness Challenge, including your baseline, your “gols”, and your progress / results.

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