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Red Nation Online Podcast: “From the Black Hole” Episode 41, State of the Game

Below is a link to a podcast done by Red Nation Online, a Canadian on line soccer magazine that I write articles for.  It contains an interview with my friend and colleague Dino Rossi of the Ontario Soccer Association and Ontario League 1, and and Steven Sandor, publisher of the E-Mag Plastic Pitch as well as the on line news site

The podcast, titled “State of the Game”, covers a history of Canadian soccer from Mr Rossi’s and Sandor’s perspectives, as well as their thoughts about the future of the game in Canada, from grass roots development to the professional and Canadian National teams.

There are a lot of interesting issues being discussed here.  The past year, 2014, saw several changes to the soccer system here in Ontario, including the introduction of semi-professional Ontario League 1, the Ontario Player Development League (OPDL), addition of a USL-Pro team and younger (U10/U12) youth teams to the Toronto FC Academy, and the introduction of the Regional-Excel Program (REX Program) to the Canadian Women’s National Team.  This discussion centres, among other issues, on some of these changes and how they may impact player development and the success of our National Team programs in the future.

I hope you enjoy listening and would love to hear your feedback!

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