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Article – “Core Confusion: The Truth About Squats and Dead Lifts” – by Nick Tumminello – posted on

Below is a link to a very interesting article written by Nick Tumminello, posted on yesterday. The article discusses and challenges the notion that traditional barbell leg exercises (squats, dead lifts) provide enough of a stimulus to the “core muscles” that other core and abdominal exercises are not necessary.  The idea that squats and dead lifts are a sufficient replacement for abdominal exercises has been a relatively wide-held belief lately, however, as the article points out, this belief is mainly based on misrepresented facts and a misunderstanding of the results of some recent research into the topic.

It is refreshing to see a science-based approach that considers not only some authors’ conclusions (which can be misleading), but the actual specific results of the studies in question.  Fitness coaches working with soccer players should be interested in this topic – I know I am!

Here is the link to the article:

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this topic.  Drop me a line here to get the conversation started.

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