24000 coaches and counting!!

Here is an excellent article from http://www.KidzFutbol.com. It is a long read, but contains a very informative and well written summary and comparison of the youth futbol (soccer) developmental systems in Spain versus here in Canada. What I found particularly striking was the presented ratios in Spain (as well as in other European countries) of UEFA B/A Licesned coaches to the number of youth players registered (versus the same ratio of Canadian B/A Licensed coaches to players here in Canada), as well as the very demanding curriculum of the coaching course in Spain.
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A look into Youth Futbol

10477328_10152813144535056_4142523240788623433_o We talk about the many shortfalls of Canadian futbol, from the lack of culture in the game, to no professional league to aspire to, to no futbol outside futbol. What this means is the lack of unstructured play for kids on their own. This is happening more and more because of the constant demands on children and probably the biggest downfall that we talk about are the lack of high quality coaches. We always say we should have the best coaches at the grassroots level to develop these kids properly and often these coaches are at High Performance age groups when it is sometimes too late. Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 5.06.03 PM In my short time in Spain or Catalonia depending who you ask :),  I have come to realize everybody is an ‘expert’  in futbol. It’s their national game and last I checked they had almost 24000 and counting UEFA A, B or Pro coaches…

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3 thoughts on “24000 coaches and counting!!

    • richard@soccerfitnessgols.com

      You’re welcome George! It was very well written and was factually based, which we like here! If you are ok with it I may want to re-post some of your other material as well!

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