What’s Your Gol?

To mark the full launch of the Soccer Fitness Gols app on the App Store and Google Play, we are asking our community to share your fitness gols and, most importantly, why you’ve set them.

Please post a brief video describing your goal and tag us on Facebook and Twitter (#whatsyourgol).  In your video, please also send a shout out to 3 people you know to encourage them to do the same.

You can check out my personal video on our Facebook page.

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We Appreciate Your Support!



Over the last several months, we have received many encouraging messages from you about our blog and our Android app.  We appreciate the comments and suggestions, so please keep it coming!

Over the next several months, we will be working on a number of projects to further our goal of helping people achieve their fitness goals through their love of the Beautiful Game.  One of our projects is to bring our app to iPhone users, and add even more programs and features.

We have launched a campaign on Kickstarter to help us fund this project.  Please check it out here.

As always, we appreciate your support!


Workout # 3 – Fitting In



It’s a little late, but Thursday this week I squeezed in a quick workout after work.  While this may not seem like much, for me, it was the first time in over a year I’ve done a workout on a week night.   This is a start, a good start.  Tomorrow, Workout # 4 and a chance to see if I’ve made any improvements so far …


Workout # 2 – Yes You Can




It took 6 days, but I finished Workout # 2 of the Strength Program – Semi-Pro Level today.  I’m still on-track with 2 workouts per week, just barely.  Next week will be tough to get the two workouts done (I’ve got a tough week at work); however, that’s the test:  can you make time for what’s important?  As Barak Obama said … you know.


Workout # 1 – No Better Time than Today!



Like many of you reading our blog, soccer was (and is) a big part of my life.  However, over the years, I’ve transitioned from competitive varsity / semi-pro athlete to a beer-league hopeful to a couch-potato fan.

Well, no more.  I’ve decided to take up what I’m calling the “Soccer Fitness Gols Challenge” and get back into shape so that I can once again enjoy the Beautiful Game as it was meant to be played, not watched!

Yesterday, I completed Workout # 1 of the Soccer Fitness Gols app’s strength program (semi-pro level).  The workout was a challenge, but now I have a good baseline of where I’m at and a plan to get where I want to be.

Over the next 8 weeks, I’ll be posting my progress here …

July 5, 2014:

– Squat hold:  120.8 seconds

– Front plank hold: 121.7 seconds

– Push-ups in 60 seconds:  40

– Crunches in 60 seconds:  60

I’d like to encourage all of you, regardless of what’s holding you back, to take up the Challenge and get started with your own fitness “gols” today as well!  Please send us your comments about your own fitness Challenge, including your baseline, your “gols”, and your progress / results.

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What Can a Zombie Apocalypse Teach Us about Exercise?


Like many grown men, I am addicted to all things zombie.  There’s something liberated about the premise of societal collapse that allows the story to wander (accidentally?) through all sorts of “real” life lessons.  One recurring theme, which was reiterated by Abraham on this Sunday’s Walking Dead episode, is the power of the group versus the individual.

In this episode, Abraham reminds Glenn that the secret to survival amid a plague of zombies is sticking together.  Glenn, unfazed by probability and reason, leaves his erstwhile group to find his separated lover.  One by one, each member of the group realizes that their collective odds improve if they remain united;  with Glenn following his own initiative, they all follow Glenn.

A zombie apocalypse is like life, with the zombies played by work, kids, aging, chronic disease, and other life-changing events.  And just like in a zombie apocalypse, the key to survival in life is forming and maintaining the right groups.  Groups make life social and interesting, provide a source of support and learning, force us to be accountable, and give us an intrinsic sense of purpose.  As a result, we’re more likely to stay committed to overcoming life’s challenges if we do it in a group.

This thought was reinforced last night during my weekly “beer league” soccer game.  I used to play soccer at a fairly competitive level through university.  When I entered the working world, I managed to keep up a reasonable exercise routine.  Over the years, as work and a new family life have conspired to dominate my schedule, I have slowly found myself prioritizing Netflix over net-minding in my increasingly spare spare time.  However, the one thing that kept me committed to regular exercise was team sports.

The benefits of group exercise are well-documented.  The trick is finding the right group of people and the right activity that inspire you to stay committed.  It could be an old passion, like soccer for me;  or it could be something new, like a spinning class or dance lessons.  Whatever your interest, find a few friends, sign-up and register, and always, always, avoid getting bitten by zombies.